L-Wurf "from Beautiful Highland"

Geboren am 26.05.2016/ Born the 26th of May 2016

Int., Dt.(CfBrH & VDH), Lux., Österr. Ch.
Kiss from a rose from Beautiful Highland

HD A, ED 0, BAER +/+, Augen frei/eyes clear 2015,
PCD frei

Int. Ch. Pole Position's Quax

HD 5/2 (A), BAER +/+, Augen frei/eyes clear 2011


1. /2. Woche/first week

3./4. Woche/4th

5./6. Woche/6th

7./8. Woche/ 8th
week und älter

letzte Woche/last week

9. Woche/9th week